flowers in the glass dome

Learn all about preserved flowers in the glass dome in Singapore

Flowers can never go wrong as a gift as flowers freshness and fragrance will make the receiver happy and content. Today, when florists are getting creative with flowers, they are coming up with new ways to present flowers uniquely, like flowers in a glass dome or balloon, etc. Instead of the usual flowers bouquet, the preserved flowers are unique gifts. The concept of flowers in a glass dome makes the gift last longing for years. Now, you can gift preserved flowers in glass dome to your loved ones, which will be with them for years and remind them about your love.

What are preserved flowers?

The fresh flowers moisture and foliage is replaced by glycerin making their natural look preserved for a long period.

How long do the preserved flowers last?

If you have dried them and preserved them in glass containers, they can last for more than 30 years. The preserved flowers in glycerin can last for 2 or 3 years or more than that depending on your care. If you put them in the darker area where sunlight is less, it will increase their lifetime.

Can you preserve your flowers?

Yes, you can. You can do it by yourself or can go to the nearest freeze-drying company and get them frozen.

preserved flowers in glass dome

Where can you buy preserved flowers in a glass dome in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are a lot of florists who sell preserved flowers in glass domes, we have found the best for you, so let’s get through the list.

List of florists where you can find preserved flowers in the glass dome


At Bloomback, you can find intricate designs of preserved flowers with LED which makes the gift more unique and beautiful. The preserved flowers with lightning effects and different colours make the gift more memorable.

They even customize your gift and prepare the gift according to requirements, and if you do not like it, they offer an easy exchange with a full refund. They provide free delivery for orders above $180.

Fav Florist

At fav florist, you can find personalised preserved flowers gift as per your wishes. They offer creative designs with beautiful concepts which will surely be loved by your loved ones. It is a perfect gift for your valentine, so contact them to order gifts for your loved ones.

They offer same-day delivery and the delivery is free if your order is above $80.

These are some florists where you can find preserved flowers in a glass dome and get your personalized and meaningful gift for your loved ones.