digital driver assistance

Making driving safe and enjoyable with digital driver assistance

Digital platforms are created to make your life simpler. Such is the driver assistance technology. It is made to make driving safer and more comfortable for you. While motor driving has seen many hazards since its history of existence, this simple digital application is created to help drivers drive with ease and free of stress. Digital firms like Agero is world class pioneer in the driver assistance industry that claims to have helped over 30,000 thousand drivers till date.

If you are a professional driver who wants safety with comfort as the primary objective for your customers and yourself, then this software shall be like your close kin who helps you with every step. From navigation to preventing hazards, these systems are made in the eye of providing assistance to every issue faced by drivers while on the road.

What are driver assistance systems?

Driver assistance systems or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are digital solutions to help the driver make automobile traveling safe and improve almost all the qualities involved in driving. The sole purpose of this technology is to make traveling comfortable and easier while enhancing the scope of vehicle and road safety.

The moto of the software is to help the driver with the task of driving and also alert him with possible hazards. For example, drowsiness detection and lane departure detection are some features that prevent any risk of casualty threat while driving. Apart from controlling the vehicle movement, systems provided by digital firms like Agero also cater to assistance in secondary driving tasks like navigation monitoring, route planning and detection of obstacles.


Some features of driver assistance systems

  • Adaptive cruise control to maintain the velocity with a distance between vehicles.
  • Alcohol ignition interlock does not allow the driver to start driving when the alcohol breath level is above a certain level.
  • The anti-lock braking system helps in situations when the vehicle skids by restoring traction to the car tires.
  • Automatic parking is the system that helps the driver while in the process of parking.
  • Automotive navigation system aids in navigating the vehicle to its destination through digital mapping tools.
  • Automotive night vision when detecting obstacles is difficult, such as during the night or while driving through a bad weather.
  • Collision avoidance system alerts the driver for a possible collision if found in the vicinity of a probable crash with some other vehicle.
  • Driver drowsiness detection tool sends alerts detecting the level of driver fatigue.

Future of the system

The ADAS technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. The future looks promising with more ADAS systems including features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning, traffic signal detection and many more.