Sanitary Ware

Awesome Tips To Consider For Buying Sanitary Ware In Singapore

Sanitary ware is mainly a part of ceramic wares. The ceramic sanitaryware wares are mainly cost-effective as well as perfect for long use. These sanitary wares can bear more than 400 kg load. These have excellent resistance to chemical attacks. These  items can be easily cleaned. Some of the important buying tips to consider for buying sanitary ware singapore have been discussed in this article.

Top facts to know about sanitary ware products

Sanitaryware items are mainly made up of ceramic ware which is mainly used in bathrooms. Some of the important sanitary ware products are

  1. Toilets
  2. Washbasins
  3. Bathtubs
  4. Urinals
  5. Bidet
  6. Sinks
  7. Pedestals

Some of the important properties  which  are mainly required for the sanitaryware body are:

  1. The material must have a rate of water absorption which is below 0.5%.
  2. The material must withstand a minimum of 400 Kgs load.
  3. The material must have a glossy surface for easy cleaning.sanitary ware singapore

Tips to consider for buying the sanitaryware products


  1. Before buying the sanitaryware products that are available in the market, the customers must have a rough idea of the space which is mainly available for fitting the product perfectly.
  2. To provide the bathroom a personal touch, it’s okay to be creative with different types of available colors of sanitary wares. One must make sure they mainly know how to combine colors that are complementing each other.
  3. Depending on the affordability one can invest in a bathtub as well as a shower which mainly allows temperature adjustment.
  4. The challenging issue which is mainly faced by the sanitary ware products customers is the disposition of the ceramic which mainly helps in developing cracks and chips. So it is better to opt for the certified products, must pay attention to the quality.
  5. Most of the sanitary ware products mainly do not require any complicated installation processes. But the customers must possess a clear idea of the site’s domain about where the product must be installed.
  6. It is necessary to take into account the amount of cleaning required at the time of buying the sanitary ware products.
  7. At the time of choosing bathroom sanitary ware, two important factors need to be taken into consideration. These are the strength as well as the design. The bathroom as well as tub must be of a good design and must be strong enough not to break easily.

These are some of the important facts to know about buying sanitary ware in Singapore