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6 Types Of Vapor Rigs That Could Satisfy Your Urge

Dabs may seem intimidating to an inexperienced user who is just getting started with dabbing. Using wax dabs properly requires a unique setup, unlike smoking dry herbs. Water pipes designed for this purpose are called dab rigs or vapor rigs.

Dab rigs come in so many varieties choosing one can be challenging. As such, this article has compiled a list of different types to help you make an informed selection.


An e-rig does not need a torch since it is heated electronically. Electronic devices are typically rechargeable and come with accessories. Besides being easy to transport and transportable, this type of dab rig can be used just about anywhere. In my opinion, E-rigs provide some of the best convenience features for dabbing.

Honey Straw

As well as dab straws, honey straws are also called nectar collectors. Most commonly, these are tubes made of glass. Depending on the model, some straws may come with a built-in water chamber, while others may not require water at all. Dab straws are portable, easy to use, and are available in various styles. Additionally, they make great gifts.

Mini Rig

As you might expect, mini rigs are smaller rigs for dabbing. A smaller piece has the main benefit of being portable. An easily concealed small rig can still perform all the functions it was designed to perform. Additionally, small rigs are very convenient to use.

Recycler Rig

Toxins and carcinogens are filtered more effectively by percolators on recycling rigs. A variety of filters are used to recycle the smoke. A smoother hit can be achieved this way. Additionally, the appearance of recycling rigs is unique, which adds to their appeal.

Dab rigs- Tokeplanet

Silicone Rig

Smokers with a tendency to make accidents will benefit from silicone rigs. These are virtually impossible to break if dropped due to their flexible material. Not only are they durable, but they are also difficult to break if dropped. Usually, silicon rigs are considerably less expensive than alternatives.

Traditional Glass Rig

Those who like to smoke wax, shatter, or rosin dabs often use glass oil rigs because they have a classic style. A thick layer of borosilicate glass covers these rigs, making them solid and durable. Although they come in a wide range of colours and sizes, they are typically made from clear glass and resemble bongs in appearance, although the size and design can vary.

Selecting vapor rigs can be challenging since they come in different types and sizes. Ultimately, it would be best if you chose based on your preferences and needs.