Tips When Buying Swing Sets Based On Kids' Age

Tips When Buying Swing Sets Based On Kids’ Age

Swing sets can keep kids entertained for hours. If you have brought them to the park, this is one of the firsts that they go to and stay there until it’s time for other kids’ turn. They are not only enjoyable for children of all ages, but can also promote cognitive, physical, and social development. Choosing the correct swing set for your child’s age ensures their safety. So if you are looking at swing sets online based on your kids’ age, then here are some tips to consider.

Under 6 Months

It is not advisable for a six-month-old baby to be on a swing set. Still, there are parents who want their babies to have their first experience on a swing set at this age. This could be possible but with strict supervision. Before you look into your options, first make sure that your child can sit up straight and keep their head in place.

6 Months to 2 Years Old

Six-month-olds and older would be safer for swing sets with backs that are a little higher. The higher back support offers more safety as the child is still adjusting to having to sit up straight. Usually, the most ideal for this age group are swings with bucket seats that have a back and torso support. To keep the baby from falling, there are swing sets for this age group that have a seat belt and a vinyl bar that goes over the leg slots.

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2 to 5 Years Old

At this age, these kids are more interested in exploring and learning new things. This age group likes to jump, slide, crawl, basically anything that keeps them moving. This is the age where they truly enjoy having a swing set at home. Most toddlers can fit in a normal sized swing set. As long as the child can get into the seat, they can swing.

6 Years And Older

At six years old, your child’s mind begins to mature and they want to explore even more. Some kids this age already start going to school. This means that they are now more independent. They can play freely on swing sets and other playsets and it would be nice to have one at home too. These kids are also more active so you must choose a swing set that is durable.

You always have to remember that when buying a swing set for kids, you have to take into consideration their age. Not all swing sets are appropriate for them. Take a look at your options online and make sure that you read reviews before you decide.