Everything To Know About A Respirator Fit Test

Everything To Know About A Respirator Fit Test

What is a Respirator Fit Test? 

It is an evaluation process that is used for the verification of the respiratory protective equipment, also known as respirators. One can easily verify whether the equipment used by the worker is sized for an individual user and functions properly according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

How to prepare for a Respirator Fit Test? 

Before the commencement of a respirator fit test by an employee, there are a few things that are to be prepared beforehand.

  • Selection of a respirator

An employer should consider the toxins the employee will be exposed to, the concentration of those toxins, the time spent exposed, job responsibilities, etc while going with a respirator fit test Singapore. Make sure that the equipment is certified by NIOSH. The employees will be required to bring the respirator chosen by them to their respective fit tests.

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  • Bring protective equipment 

An employee must bring all the items to the fit test that might interfere with the seal of the respirator, for instance, the protective equipment (PPE) worn by an employee. This might include hearing protection, hard hats, coveralls, face shields, safety glasses, etc.

  • Shave 

All the male employees are required to be clean-shaven for the respirator fir test. It is required by OSHA as the facial hair, if not clean-shaved, might interfere with the fit test of the respirator.

  • Completion of a medical evaluation questionnaire 

Before an employee is declared to be fit-tested for a respirator, he has to go through a medical evaluation by OSHA. The employee will have to complete an OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire. It has to be completed by the employee within the given time given by the employer. The employee is then required to bring the questionnaire to their respective respirator fit test. It is to be reviewed by a licensed health care provider (PLHCP) or by a physician.

How often should a person get a Respirator Fit Test? 

For any workplace that is covered under the Respiratory Protection Standard, QNFT, or QLFT by OSHA, fit testing is needed before a user starts wearing a mandatory respirator to the job. It is required to be re-tested at least once every year. Every respirator type used by an employee requires a respirator testAdditionally, these fit tests are to be performed:

  • During the occurrence of any facial changes that might affect fit. Such as dental work or fluctuation in weight
  • When a different style, model, make, or size, or respirator is used.


A respirator fit test Singapore helps to gain cognizance of the fact whether the respirator provides such a level of protection which it was designed to provide or not. Get one done for yourself soon!