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Common kinds of wedding Photography

Are you recently engaged and planning for a wedding photoshoot? If yes, you have landed in the right place to educate yourselves about different kinds of capturing moments. Snaps are a way to recollect memories and cherish them forever. When it comes to life-changing events like weddings, it is important to find and avail services from the best in the industry like wedding photography and videography packages Singapore. Below are some of the latest styles in the niche.

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  • Traditional
  • Photojournalistic
  • Portrait
  • Natural
  • Black and White

Traditional Photography: The term “traditional” gives the answer; includes the capture of classic shots of various segments in a wedding like the first kiss of the couple as official life partners, cake cutting ceremony and wine toasting. The shooters and clients work together for timeless pictures. Family and friends of the bride and bridegroom have fun along with the newlywed.

Photojournalistic Photography: This is a style that is similar to reportage and documentary shooting, wherein the moment capturer tells the story of the day in a unique approach.

Only a creative photographer with skills to aim, adjust camera setting, frame and shoot unfolding moments is picked. Another responsibility of the professional is to capture candid moments from a distance to give a look natural and reflect intense emotions.

PortraitPhotography: This kind of capturing emotions delivers beautiful images such as a blushing bride, a laughing couple that is directed to pose towards the camera. Portraits are the most loved and adored items which is why they are framed and displayed at homes.

Natural Photography: The word “natural” throws away the hint on the type of moment. The camera flashes are avoided as this style is for capturing outdoor marriages. The outdoors shoots generally take place before or after sunrise or sunset for a natural look.

Black and White Photography: Lovers of Monochrome imagery chose pictures in black and white. The snaps reflect the classic and timeless feel of the clients.


Photography is a vast ocean of varieties; it is difficult to choose one. However, whatever the selected style may be, it is necessary to choose a reliable service provider like the wedding photography and videography packages singapore for the arrest of high classic and perfect events.

Because an inefficient professional can lock wrong angles, click blurred images and ultimately spoil the excitement along with causing an unsettling feeling to never pose for a snap.