Best way to donate to charities online

Best way to donate to charities online

Donating online is considered one of the quickest, most convenient, and most efficient methods of helping the poor and needy. Most organizations provide online charity programs so that people can easily donate.

Online donations help to keep track of every donor correctly. However, many people are confused about which organization to choose when it comes to donating, as certainly there can be a possibility of donating to a fraud website that collects money in the name of donation but is ultimately benefiting them.

Therefore, it is always important to choose legit and authentic websites. But what should be done in such a scenario? Which could be the best place for a donation? How do you donate to charities online? These are probably the questions everyone thinks about.

Which is the best organization for donating?

Food from the Heart is one of the non-profit organizations that primarily focus on helping the needy. Their goal is to feed the needy through its food distribution program. It was established in the year 2003 and started by the Singapore-based Australian couple Henry and Christine Laimer.

They began with their journey one fine day when they read a report on bakeries discarding their unsold bread. The couple then decided to donate the surplus food from bakeries to needy people.

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How many members are present in the organization?

Food from the heart started its journey with 120 volunteers in the year 2003, which gradually started to expand. Till the year 2020, the volunteers multiplied precisely to some 10,000 and more. They all successfully reached 53,700 beneficiaries across Singapore.

What are the vision, mission, and core values of the organization?

The organization targets completing some objectives to help poor and needy, one of the vital steps to donate to charities online is to deeply analyze the aim and objective of the organization.

Vision- The organization desires to become one of the leading charities in Singapore to eradicate hunger through the efficient distribution of food.

Mission- The ultimate mission is to eradicate hunger by providing reliable, nutrient-rich, consistent, and sustainable food support to needy people through food distribution programs.

Values- As they work to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization, they also ensure that they embrace the values of professionalism, efficiency, transparency, and self-sustainability.

Final thoughts 

The independent non-profit organization was created to help the less fortunate with several food charity programs. It is the best place for people who wish to make donations in any form, as they are working constantly to support the needy.