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Why Are People Opting For Vertical Blinds Singapore And Ditching The Traditional Curtains?

The new-age housing solutions are either science-based or are tech-based. Most of them function in simple physics while some have complicated machinery. Each of these is invented for the sake of convenience and problem-solving technologies. Homes and houses are synonymous with safety and security and this is something no house owner can compromise with. Apart from doorbells. Eye-holes on doors, and even doorbell cameras, curtains play an important role in home safety. A person can check from the comfort of their rooms just by peeping through the curtains. Traditional curtains are made up of different breathable fabrics that look beautiful and also allow a healthy inflow of air. However, with time, traditional curtains are being replaced by vertical blinds in Singapore because of the ease of using them. They are made of a fabric called synthetic polyester and are placed vertically at regular intervals.

What is the mechanism of vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are slightly different from traditional blinds and share a vast difference with curtains. Most traditional blinds are made of thin wood and are horizontally placed on the windows while curtains are just hung up against a metallic rod and are maneuvered horizontally suspended by some hooks. vertical blinds singapore are vertically placed at regular intervals of 1.5 inches so that there is a space for each blind to close/shut at 3 inches on the entire width. However, this calculation might change depending on the width of the blinds, the wider the blinds, the lesser area required for closing. They are operated with the help of a string that is placed or suspended at the corner of the window and one has to just pull it. Just a slight pull and the window opens and then pulling the chain and a cord together would stack the blinds in one corner and one can get a clear view of the window.


Why are people opting for it over curtains?

Installing a blind might be very mechanical but the maintenance is very comfortable and there is little to no extra expenditure that is spent on these blinds.

  • Easy to install and easy to clean.
  • It saves water and electricity that goes on cleaning the curtains.
  • The low maintenance factor also saves money.
  • Blinds don’t gather much dust because of the material it is made up of unlike that of curtains.
  • Blinds almost completely seal the window allowing little to no view of the outside.


Vertical blinds are an effective solution to housing security and Singapore has to offer some of the best quality material which would last very long. This can be installed both in houses as well as offices.