Where To Find Durian Delivery Geylang

Where To Find Durian Delivery Geylang

In southeast Asia, there is only one king of fruits – the durian. A treat for the soul, this custardy-tasting succulent and soft fruit is a favourite in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on. Considered a treat without a rival, the durian has a place on top of the ladder that no one else can take. Because of the same, Join us as we profess the qualities of durian and convey the good news to the Durian connoisseurs in Geylang by telling them how they can avail durian delivery Geylang.

The world of durian

Durian is a delicacy in the southeast Asian block, with many dishes and desserts finding this fruit at the centre of the recipes, there are very few fruits that can claim to have the popularity that it has, it is utilized in a wide assortment of –

– Curries

– Soups

– Dry dishes

– Cakes

– Desserts

Its use in many of the indigenous dishes of the area makes it one of the most popular fruits that exist in the southeast Asian block, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s tasty, it’s nutritious, and it most definitely packs a punch and a half.

durian delivery Geylang

Flavour and appearance

  • Appearance – If we’re talking in terms of appearance, durian is a marvel of nature. Fruit with an exterior that resembles a spiked ball or possibly the mines from minesweeper, it also has a beautiful and vibrant yellow colour that will make you exclaim ‘wow!’.
  • Taste – Once you peel the exterior, however, you will taste the goodness of the fruit within that makes it the king of fruits. Durian has a very custardy flavour profile, and it is sweet and has the consistency of the butter.
  • Smell – The only factor that makes durian a bit controversial is the smell which tends to be a bit strong.


If you’re a resident of Geylang and wish to get your hands on some durian today, firstly we get you, and secondly, we wish for you to know that many stores deal in durian and do durian delivery Geylang. to avail durian delivery you can do –

  • Phone inquiries
  • Website visit
  • Ask a friend
  • Contact the store

If you want to feel the joy of tasting a fruit that has no parallels in the market, then durian is the fruit for you. With an unmatched flavour profile, amazing consistency, and a wide variety of recipes, you can try it.