Shipping Containers

What Are The Standard Shipping Containers That Companies Use?

Container units are essential in the shipping industry, transport, and trade. You are using SCF 20ft shipping containers to keep different products and structures you need to be shipped. It will protect against the effects of long travels to secure they are still in good condition. It will depend on what type of products you like to ship or if you need special services. It will matter on the materials, construction, dimension, and structure. Different shipping containers are available. And you can use it depending on the products and materials you have shipped.

General containers

A general container can be known as a dry container. These are fully enclosed where you can protect the products from any elements. It is weatherproof with sidewalls, a floor, and a rigid roof. It is a type of container that is common, and it is being used to load almost all types of regular cargo. Using the containers, it can adapt to flexitanks for shipping liquid or dry bulk cargo.

Flat rack

It is a simple storage container with a collapsible side where you can fold it to make it look like a flat rack. The end walls are stable, allowing cargo, and ideal for oversized shipping goods. It can carry heavy machines, big reels, construction materials, and vehicles. There is a flat rack that is 40ft flat rack shipping containers that are ideal for carrying heavy cargo.

Shipping Containers

Open top

An open-top container has a flexible top where you can remove it when needed. It is suitable for tall cargo, and you cannot load it through the door. You can transport tall machinery or heavy materials. The loading and handling can be done using a crane or rolling bridge. The containers have lashing rings in the upper and lower side rails and corner posts. It is to secure cargo available in 20ft and 40ft.

Double door

The containers have a double door where it looks like a tunnel. It is helpful for fast loading and unloading goods, especially iron and steel. Both doors have the same lock and weather-tight seals. It is to keep the cargo safe and protected from any elements during shipping.

High cube

It looks the same as a general container, but it is taller. These 40ft and 45ft containers are used when you need a bigger volume capacity. It has a recess on the floor from the front end to the center of the container. It will allow you to lie lower and be taller in construction.

Open side

It is the same as a regular, general shipping container, but the only difference is the doors are open on the side. Since you can open the container on the side, it will give you an expansive room. It is where you can access it, making loading and unloading easier. The container comes with 20ft and 40ft. It is enough space for any essential items you cannot fit in the regular doors.

These are the containers that you can see most during the shipping. Every material that you like to ship out from a different country will depend on what kind of product you have. It will help you decide which shipping container to use for your materials.