Revive your Shoulder with Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Singapore

Revive your Shoulder with Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Singapore

The limbs of the human body help with movement and other activities. The shoulder is a joint that joins arms with the body’s trunk. A human body can do multiple activities. Due to certain reasons, the shoulder may get frozen. In that case, frozen shoulder physiotherapy singapore can be helpful. This condition of the shoulder is called ‘adhesive capsulitis.’ The onset of this problem is slow. In the same way, getting relief from this condition is also a slow process.

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Singapore has various ways to treat the condition. It is an important joint of the body. It cannot be ignored. Shoulder problems may not let you do daily activities, sports activities, driving, or riding. Therefore, it is necessary to get it treated as soon as possible.

The shoulder comprises of ball and socket joint. The three bones conjoined together are- the shoulder blade, collarbone, and upper arm. Synovial fluid is present in the joints to help with the movement. When this synovial fluid concentration is affected, the condition of frozen shoulder may arise. It affects the connective tissues present in the joints, resulting in stiffness in the movement range. An affected person cannot rotate his arms up to 360 degrees.

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Stages of Frozen Shoulder

  • The freezing stage- is a slow process. Movement becomes less. With time pain increases, and slowly the condition becomes worse in a few months.
  • Frozen state- in 4 to 6 months, stiffness in the shoulder is prominent. Pain may subside slowly. But doing daily activities become difficult.
  • Thawing stage- a slow recovery in the condition. It may take more than 9 months to 3 years.

The frozen shoulder condition affects people who are in the age group of 40 to 70. Over time, slowly with age, this problem penetrates most people. People who have Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems, cardiac disease, or diabetes are most affected. Apart from these diseases, injury in the shoulder may also lead to a frozen shoulder.

After an injury, doctors recommend physiotherapy of the shoulder. In disease conditions, too, consulting a physiotherapist is a practical option. They have many methods to treat immobility. Exercise is the initial one. Electric stimulation is also applied to get the required result. Doctors recommend physiotherapy whenever the circulation of blood has to be improved. At first, one on one sessions will be there at the clinics. Later, patients will be called for group sessions. Do as advised by the practitioner.