Music for your soul

Music for your soul

Music is a series of sounds made by different instruments in a rhythm and harmony to create a melody. The creator of the music can organise the sounds in various ways to achieve a desired tune.The tune and instruments used in the music can vary a lot across the globe depending on the culture. Over history music played a prominent role in various cultures as part of celebrations, enjoyment, worship, enjoyment. There are a variety of benefits to human life with music.

Reduces Stress

Studies have shown that music has a strong impact on brain health. Human brain releases a chemical called dopamine when we listen to music we like. Dopamine can have a strong positive effect on boosting mood. Music can make us feel strong emotions like happy, sad, relaxed. Research shows lyrical music with slow tempo can reduce stress and anxiety. An upbeat music can help you feel confident and optimistic.Music which includes more drums can make you feel energised. A recent study from university of california shows that a person listening to music for an average of 45 mins a day is producing more alpha brain ways than a person who spends less or no time listening to music. Alpha waves are produced by the brain when we are experiencing less stress and feeling happy.

Improves Cognition

Learning a music instrument can improve cognitive ability and make you more creative. Brain lays new neural pathways when we learn something new. The repetitive tones and rhythms while learning music can improve the memory and increase focus time and increased verbal memory. Listening to background music while involved a work like studying or working out can boost concentration and improves focus on the working task. Music helps to stay on task without much stress.Listening and learning music requires a lot of skill which includes pitch and tone discrimination, memorising vocals, identifing variations instruments.

Music therapy

Music is also used to heal people for various kinds of diseases aiming at restoring a lost function. Music experts can create curated music for the desired function and also to reduce pain in particular parts of the body to function. The soothness in music can help alleviate headaches, lower blood pressures, and relax muscle tensions. Music is also helpful in improving the condition of paralysis. Learning and listening to music at a young age can drastically improve cognitive and motor skills in children. Children with better motor skills are shown to perform better as they grow up. In the beginning music therapy was practiced as an alternative form of medicine but in recent times it is being used in the hospitals as a mainstream form of treatment to treat the patients.


The benefits of music include many other mental, physical, psychological aspects in human life but not limited to the mentioned above. One must include music as part of daily life as a way to overcome mental and physical challenges. But one should be careful about the choice of the music. Some music contains abusive language and bad lyrics which are a bad influence on the kids. Overall music is the greatest thing that humans have ever invented.