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Get Sorted With Singapore Funeral Service With TLC – The Life Celebrant

If you are concerned about the dearly departed, The Life Celebrant’s care team will go to the hospital, hospice, or home to pick them up to provide the best singapore funeral service. Don’t stress about specifics like the death certificate or what to bring; we’ll walk you through everything step by step.

Why Life Celebrant?

The professional funeral director will have a conversation with the family members to learn about your preferences for different types of wakes, religions, and the roles of each family member, among other things. You are also welcome to ask them any questions during this conversation session.

Funeral Service

Stages in which the services are provided?

  1. We can also assist with comprehensive repatriation or expatriation if death occurs overseas or if the dearly departed is a foreigner. For foreigners who died in Singapore, you have the option of having a ceremony in Singapore followed by cremation, with the ashes being returned to you, or embalming and repatriating the body to your hometown for the proper rites.
  1. The Life Celebrant, the Singapore funeral service takes delight in keeping the body clean and respectable by showering the loved one before and after embalming. Family members will prepare their loved one’s belongings, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and other items, for encoffinment. They will shower, dress, and apply light makeup to the dearly departed so that they appear dignified during the wake.
  1. Whether you have selected religious or secular ceremonies or a combination of both, we can ensure that all family members are respected and that the services are tailored to your needs. It recognizes that every family is unique and that everyone has distinct tastes, so we can accommodate a variety of demands and needs.

There are several categories in which decisions must be made:

  • the number of days of the wake
  • the location of the wake
  • the flowers / color theme
  • religiosity, secularism, or customization
  • the type of food/cuisine that will be offered
  • necessary type, design, or configuration
  • music to be played
  • any photo boards or photo/video montages to be used
  • Additional props or customizations are required.
  1. Farewells do not have to be boring or melancholy; they can reflect the life narrative of the one who has passed away. Ms. Angjolie Mei, the founder of The Life Celebrant, is Singapore’s only licensed funeral celebrant and provides a professional celebrant service that honors the life of the departed.
  1. Religious/secular ceremonies may be held on the funeral day itself before the journey to the crematorium/cemetery begins. Several members of the deceased’s relatives or associates will be invited to deliver eulogies. Eulogies are anecdotes or memories of a deceased person’s life. Family members get a sense of this person through eulogies and can see distinct sides of them that they might not show at home. As a result, eulogies are extremely restorative. In a funeral service, music is also very important. It plays music that the dearly departed enjoyed to help family and friends recall their loved one’s memories.


So, enlist the help of a life celebrant for your funeral ceremony and receive the best services possible.