Flexible Benefits Program Malaysia Corporate Employees Need

Meeting the employees’ needs has become vital for both small and large businesses to grow. Every employee is different with different needs. These needs cannot be covered under a common benefit program for everyone. What seems to be effective for one might not work for the others. Keeping this in mind, employers are moving towards the flexible benefits program Malaysia has to offer.

Flexible benefit programs also called flex plans, come in all varieties, allowing the employees to have control over their target plans, thus performing in a better way.

Now you can find many companies that provide you flexible benefits programs, but it is normal like any other business to shot your best shot as the program can affect the company in so many ways. Rewardz offers new-age Flex programs to the businesses out there with a combination of flexible benefits and employee recognition and engagement.

CERRA Flex, a point-earning platform, can help you in the following ways:

  • Flex

It empowers the employees to create their own customized benefits package of voluntary (dental care, optical care, and annual leave) and core (medical benefits and protection) benefits with flexible claims.

  • Engage

It builds the engagement of employees by giving them the points according to their performance, event attendance, peer-to-peer recognition, and other activities for the completion of your corporate targets. It also enhances communication (through media sharing, quick pools, and updates) with new features.

  • Recognize

The gamification features help in employee recognition and interaction. The points earned by the employees can be used for making flexible claims or for redeeming attractive rewards.

Where to start?

You might not be sure from what point to start the flexible benefits program Malaysia. With CERRA, you don’t need to worry at all. It helps you at every step for an integrated employee experience. The following are the steps included:

  • Feasibility study

The first step is collection of the data, analyze the objectives and study the benefit structure of the business.

  • Design strategy

In this step, the review of the workforce is done, establishing a reward strategy.

  • Setup

The setup by CERRA provides a customized program for the best experience of the employees. The system is integrated and tested afterward.

  • Launch

After the setup of the program, it is launched with the support of everyone with better communication strategies.

If you also want better productivity from your employees, you now know how and where to get the right help.