Five Ways to Keep Your Car Tyres in Great Shape

Five Ways to Keep Your Car Tyres in Great Shape

The greatest way to increase the life of your automobile tires is to drive properly, not over accelerating, braking forcefully, and corning sharply. There are many ways you can implement and make your tire in good shape. So find more here There are five more ideas in this post to keep your automobile tyres in good condition:

Ensure proper tyre pressure

Make sure your car’s tyres aren’t under or overinflated regularly. Under inflation causes the rubber to flex more, raising the operating temperature and shortening the tire’s life. When driving over a pothole, the tire’s edge or shoulder wear increases, and the vehicle’s suspension can be damaged. The fuel economy suffers due to low inflation. Rolling resistance causes a car’s engine to work harder and consume more fuel. Over inflation is also harmful because it increases wear in the center of a car tire’s tread, crucial for protecting the rubber from collision damage.

Alignment and Balance

When your car’s tyres are fixed or replaced, ensure they’re appropriately balanced before reinstalling them. Otherwise, vibrations will occur, causing increased tyre wear, suspension damage, and driver fatigue. To get the perfect performance out of your vehicle, you’ll need to have the steering, suspension, wheel components, and car tires all working in harmony. It is inexpensive to have your vehicle’s balance or alignment checked at your local garage or auto tire specialist.


A monthly visual inspection takes only a few minutes and is essential for keeping your automobile tyres in good shape. Make sure the tread depth is correct. The majority of tires have a tread wear indicator built in. When the tread on your car tires has worn down to the height of this bar, it’s time to replace them. Check your car’s tyres for strange bulges or lumps, which can indicate internal problems. Look for evidence of cracking in the tread and sidewall rubber. If a crack is discovered, replace the tyre as soon as possible to avoid a blow-out.


Do not drive on a tyre that is losing air pressure. Take it to a professional who will inspect the tyre thoroughly and determine if it can be fixed or replaced. Even a short distance driven on a flat tyre will permanently harm it. Never attempt to repair a car tyre on your own. A certified specialist should handle this.

Rotation of the tires

A vehicle’s weight is not uniformly distributed over all of its tyres. The lifespan of the tyres can be increased, and uneven car tyre wear can be avoided by rotating them regularly. Visit a car tyre specialist for further information and to get your current tyres inspected. Click here for more ideas of keeping tires in great shape.