Everything to know about online team building

Everything to know about online team building

Before the advent of the industrial revolution, people were already used to working from afar. Larger office areas, complete with cubicles, emerged only after the global economy had matured over several centuries. Work-from-home policies have become widespread due to the worldwide pandemic and the resurgence of the digital economy. This also made it possible for firms with employees in different locations to participate in online team building exercises virtually and maintain communication.

Bang Gae said it best: “teamwork makes the dream work,” thus, it’s essential for businesses to provide virtual team-building exercises that boost employee morale and collaboration. Activities such as happy hours, coffee get-togethers, online gaming marathons, and competitive challenges are scheduled weekly. These methods boost morale, foster closer team bonds, and increase output.

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Recent Developments In Team Building:

The term “virtual team building” refers to the ongoing practice of bringing together geographically dispersed teams and forging ties amongst colleagues by use of a variety of communication tools in an artificially replicated office setting. Due to the impersonal nature of online interaction, honesty and openness are paramount.

Regular online team-building exercises ease employees into flexible work arrangements. It lessens the destructive effects of online working cultures, including isolation, overwork, and the stress of a worldwide health crisis.

Teams might get disengaged and burned out if they are constantly pressured to do work and meet deadlines. Thus, a good leader should motivate their team to work together by holding online team-building activities, including group chats, formal meetings, brainstorming sessions, and informal get-togethers. Team members get affirmation and recognition via these shared experiences.

Things To Know Before Going For Virtual Team Formation:

There is no way to complete a project without a team’s help since most activities rely on one another and need resources to be coordinated. Cooperation between team members is facilitated in a physical office setting. However, keeping everyone on the same page as the project moves forward becomes more complicated when workers are spread out geographically.

Teams that are separated into silos often struggle to find common ground and do less work. But via online team-building exercises, managers may clearly convey their company’s objectives to their employees.


Most businesses today are seriously contemplating adopting a remote work culture as a long-term response to the epidemic. Employees can save much time on commutes, and businesses can save money on rent by reducing their office space needs. It may be beneficial for everyone involved if the plans are executed smoothly.

Therefore, businesses might benefit from team-building exercises to better prepare their employees for an unexpected job transfer. When done on purpose, it may break through geographical and linguistic boundaries and have a far-reaching impact. It also removes the barriers of traditional business structures and enables people from different parts of the world to work together.