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Defensive Driving Courses for Companies

The ability to prevent also presupposes a series of technical skills, in addition to knowledge of the dangers and pitfalls of the road: this implies specific practical training which convinces the driver of the dangers of speed by making him experience the different speeds; that helps him to visually measure the stopping distances; that allows him to test and understand the different grip conditions and vehicle responses; that makes him find himself in front of sudden obstacles to discover the difficulty of avoiding them, if he hasn’t adopted a correct preventive attitude on speed. The disposition to adopt a positive defensive guide (prevent) thus arises from an experience where the difficulties of negative defensive guide (treat) in the face of obstacles are discovered IMPROV GA defensive driving online.

Also known by the name of Traffic Theory , this course aims to make future drivers aware of the dangers associated with traffic, adopting defensive driving to learn how to travel safely and prevent road accidents.

IMPROV GA defensive driving online

Enrollment in the course is only possible after passing the theory exam , i.e. after you have acquired your license (student driver’s licence).

At the end of the lessons, you will receive a certificate of participation , of unlimited validity.

By enrolling in the Awareness Course, you will guarantee complete training without gaps, acquiring prudent and aware driving techniques.

During the course, through the use of images and videos, we will address topics related to the vehicle and its maintenance together, explaining and illustrating how to fit chains or summer / winter tyres, check the fluid level in the engine compartment (oil, coolant, washer water), recognize the vehicle’s safety systems.

Furthermore, during the lessons there will be a focus on distraction behind the wheel, the psychotropic effects associated with the use of medicines / alcohol / drugs, the dangers associated with tiredness and drowsiness.

Our expert teachers will explain pre-selections and behavior to adopt in roundabouts, warning you about the risks of the road, teaching you how to adjust the rear-view mirrors correctly and to identify any blind spots.

By attending the Rescuers Course you will learn how to drive appropriately, with caution, foresight and respect for other drivers.