Activewear and sportswear that celebrates the human body in all of its variations

Activewear and sportswear that celebrates the human body in all of its variations


When it comes to plus size activewear Singapore, nothing will make you feel more confident and energized to work out than a new outfit. Plus, size gymwear will ensure that you feel great and look fantastic while you work out. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started, the assortment of plus-size gymwear will have you looking and feeling your best. Plus, size sportswear is tailored to your body type, and with everything from on-trend colors to statement waistbands, there is something for every girl’s taste in this collection. They were born and raised in Singapore, where they live and breathe activewear.

Founded by Anya Active, their objective is to inspire women to live an active lifestyle and accept and love their bodies. Anya Active is a company that produces high-quality sportswear that will empower you on your trip and make you feel powerful. Singapore is where the company was founded and where its headquarters are located.

Trendy sportswear and activewear

There is a real battle here, and Anya Active understands how difficult it may be to find fashionable clothes that truly suit your body shape in Singapore. However, due to the increasing availability of sizes, people are giving a standing ovation to fashion designers embracing body diversity.

plus size activewear singapore

From basic, simplistic designs that can be incorporated into your current exercise wardrobe to eye-catching items that will keep you looking hot while you squat, extremely gorgeous plus-size gym gear will give you an additional boost of inspiration to visit the gym.

Health and fitness should be accessible to everyone, and Anya Active thinks that all women deserve to feel their best, no matter where they are in their path. They think that every woman’s body is unique and attractive in its way, which is why they developed sportswear and gear that truly fits in a variety of styles to accommodate a wide range of activities and occasions. They design and manufacture our activewear and sportswear in Singapore, with the majority of the items being created by women – by real bodies, for real bodies. Sizes range from XS to 2XL available, and they are working on increasing the size range even more. In addition, they offer designs that are appropriate for a variety of body types and shapes.


Unlimited collections and this storein Singapore offer an incredible collection of multi-label sportswear that supports and complements your curves, enabling you to feel comfortable and confident when you hit the gym first thing in the morning.